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Arte Numérica

Arte Numérica provides consulting services and custom solutions in several computing fields. Our work involves extensive use of open-source tools running on the Linux operating system and other Unix variants.

What do we do?

System administration and technical support

We can help you on system and network administration tasks. We have several years of experience installing, configuring and administering GNU/Linux systems both for "server-only" purposes (email, WWW, printing, Internet access (filtering/masquerading), DNS, ...) and for more "desktop-oriented" tasks and scientific computing. Linux is our favorite operating system and the one on which we have been building more expertise, but we are also able to support several other Unix variants. We can assist you on initial planning, remote and local administration (eventually training your own staff for handling common tasks), remote monitoring, and end-user support.

Software installation and configuration

We also suggest specific integrated free software solutions for several problem domains (eventually in combination with "commercial" software components). We can assist you installing and configuring those packages on any Linux or Unix system (sometimes on other platforms, too). Depending on the problem and our skills, customization of the software according to your needs may even involve changes or additions to the original code.


We are currently proficient in Python, ANSI C (and GNU C extensions), and subsets of Perl and of the Bash shell language. We have also programmed in Fortran 77 (extensively), Occam 2, REXX, IBM EXEC2, VMS DCL, several dialects of Pascal and Basic, and little bits of other languages. If the solution of a problem demands the use of a new (procedural) language, we can usually learn most of what is needed in a few days. On more specific domains, we are also proficient on the TeX text processing system and the MetaPost graphics language. SQL is spoken here too, although virtuosity on it is not yet claimed.

Our preferred development platform is Linux (and Unix systems in general), although we strive for portability whenever feasible.

Our programming background started with scientific computing (especially on statistical physics, solving integral and differential equations and systems of non-linear equations, Monte Carlo simulations, some scientific visualization, ...), and a particular taste for related problem-solving tasks is still apparent. More recently we have been focusing on the development of Internet-based collaborative applications, but many other fields have been explored. The best way to tell you if we have the skills required for a specific task is for you to tell us about the problem to solve. We will only accept those programming tasks for which we are reasonably certain of finding a decent algorithm---and implementing it---in reasonable time.

WWW (and other Internet-based) services

In the vast field of Internet-based services, we can assist you at several levels:

Text and image processing, visualization, interface design issues

Although far from being professional typographers or graphic artists, for many years we have been acquiring some technical knowledge on and sensibility for:

We would be interested in creating powerful document processing components based on TeX and free image processing tools, for integration in large-scale third-party systems.

How to reach us?

Email is usually the best way to contact us:

You may also contact us by phone at +351 939838775 and +351 935904292.


Arte Numérica is a Portuguese company founded by:

We have been chronically lazy to write even simple personal home pages about ourselves, but hope to provide some relevant (and irrelevant) information Real Soon Now.